Student Testimonials

What Paula's Students Say

I have known Paula since my freshman year of high school in 1999. She was my forensics and debate coach then, and we have stayed connected in the (many) years since I graduated. While I was in school, I knew she cared about us debate kids - she spent her afternoons with us and all weekend a lot of the time during the school year. She has since retired from teaching, but that never stopped her from caring what happened with the district she taught in, her kids went through school in, and the area she lives in. She truly cares about making Jeffco the best it can be and continuing the momentum Jeffco has over the last few years to make itself better. Not only is she caring, though, she's also incredibly educated and keeps up to date with things happening in the district. I fully endorse Paula for school board because my 4 kids who will go through Jeffco schools will only benefit from her election.

Michelle Kuenzler

Paula Reed has demonstrated her passion for education for the 30+ years I have known her. She was a powerful mentor to me as well as a thoughtful, dedicated, and relentless advocate for the kids in her care.  Her commitment to fair treatment and equal opportunities shines through, and for her students, that makes all the difference. I enthusiastically support her candidacy for the Jefferson County School Board; there is no finer educator for this role.

Tracy Crockett

Paula taught me more about critical thinking, persuasion, the use of language, and life than any other teacher I had in high school. I have stayed in contact with her since high school, and she continues to demonstrate the same care, compassion, and dedication to education that I always knew from her. I cannot think of any other person that I have ever met in my life who is better suited to serve on the JeffCo School Board than Paula Reed.

Chris Wencker

I believe Paula Reed is the best candidate because she puts the needs of the many before the desires of a few; she is capable and willing to make judicious, tough decisions that benefit as many people as possible—not just those who were already in line for success. I was in a credit recovery class with her; I was one of the “high school rejects,” and Mrs. Reed went beyond her duties as a teacher to make sure that every single student in that class had not only hope for a bright future, but a game plan. She would help her students outside of class. She worked within the parameters of our personal lives to ensure we got the education and the will to become not only functional adults, but thriving adults as well. Paula Reed values every individual. She makes sacrifices on behalf of EVERY individual. She will lobby for the success and well-being of everyone.

Ellen Bennett

Paula is the kindest, smartest, and most passionate person I know. I was never in one of her classes but regardless, she made me feel loved and welcomed in my high school. Far too often, students fall behind and need that extra support. Paula goes out of her way to make sure students feel supported and valued, both in the classroom and outside of it. Even after I graduated, Paula still supported me when I needed it most. I give her my highest endorsement for Jeffco School Board because she cares about students and supports them even when they are no longer in the classroom.

Rachel Hill

Mrs. Reed was my high school ACE teacher from 2013-2015. I was a kid with “bad habits” and never paid much attention in school. Paula saw potential in me and pushed me to do my BEST every day. Throughout high school, I never had a teacher who cared so much about me, let alone my future. Every day she made me feel safe and cared for at school. I thrived because of her, and although I did not graduate on time, I still pushed to get the job done with her encouragement. Paula is kind, compassionate, very organized, detailed and so hard-working. I couldn’t think of a better fit for the school board, and I believe she would fall nothing short of excellent!

Samantha Morris

Paula Reed was a teacher of mine for a whole school year when I entered high school. She was compassionate, hard-working, determined, and very kind. She mentored me and other classmates and helped us become the men and women we are today. She has experience like no other and has love for the school district like no other. That’s why I think she would be a great fit for the Jeffco School board.

Trent VonFeldt