About Paula

Jeffco Strong


My Jeffco roots run deep. I attended Jeffco schools from second grade until I graduated from Pomona High School, and I started teaching at Columbine High School shortly after I graduated from CU Boulder. I married a Green Mountain High School graduate and then raised two more GMHS Rams. All of these experiences have taught me much about Jeffco, as a long-time member of the community, a student, a parent and a teacher. 

I worked in Jeffco for 30 years, teaching speech and debate, mainstream English from grades 9-12, and ACE (Alternative Cooperative Education) for students identified as at-risk for not graduating on time. I even taught in an elementary school during the reduction in force Jeffco experienced in 1989. I was a dean of students at Columbine for two years before gladly heading back to the classroom, where my heart has always been. I served in various academic leadership capacities throughout my years at the school and on the remodeling committee for Columbine’s first major remodel. All of this has helped me see education in Jeffco at many different levels and in a variety of roles.

I have served on the board of trustees of the Jeffco church I grew up and raised my children in, as well as serving on the operational board of the Jefferson County Education Association. I understand the importance of commitment and teamwork, as well as what it means to deeply value an organization and the people who make its work happen.

I retired from teaching in Jeffco in 2018, but one doesn’t devote three decades of one’s life to kids only to stop caring about them upon retirement. There are thousands of Jeffco kids in my heart, and there is room for, oh, maybe another 84 or 85,000 more. I’ll work hard to ensure schools Jeffco kids deserve!